Manggar Beach Like Paradise in Balikpapan City

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Manggar beach like paradise

Manggar beach is a tourist beach in the city of Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. Manggar beach is also called the Coast manggar Segarasari. Beach with an area of ​​approximately 13,000 m2 will spoil visitors with state of the beach clean, beautiful and the waves are not too big. Beach visitors will not feel bored with the scenery is very charming. It fits perfectly when called manggar beach like paradise.



From International Airport Sepinggan then this beach is 9 Kilometers from the Airport or about 21 Kilometers from the city center of Aberdeen. Manggar Balikpapan beach located in Ex. Manggar and Keritip. The beach can be accessed via the main road by car or public transportation in the city of Balikpapan number 7.


 Shade trees on the edge of the beach location, feels cool when compared to the beaches in general. Pantaipun leased facilities at no less interesting. If you want to try the banana boat balls can be rented here. Additionally speedboad and various types of floats or rubber tires are also available. If you want Volli beach or playing soccer, net and ball on the beach there's also. This beach is perfect for a family vacation who want the beach as a tourist destination.


If visitors feel hungry or do not bring lunch after playing on the beach, lots of food vendors hawking wares in the location on the beach. Here visitors will find a seat to rest mats ala "Lesbian". Thew beach drink "coconut ice" is also here, of course, with a variety of snacks or "heavy" as a complement.
Actually Indonesia itself has many interesting sights are not inferior to foreign tourism. Of course the government should be clever clever process that attract more tourists both inside and Foreign Tourists. May be useful.

How to get there:

With vehicle alone or with dark green minibus ride (No. 7, fare: Rp. 5,000) of direction / from Terminal Peace and down when you see the sign beach (right side of the road). The entrance is located on the beach front of the headquarters "YONIF/600 RAIDER". This beach is located about 500 meters from the highway and can be reached by walking or riding a motorcycle taxi (fare: Rp. 5.000).
Description: generally crowded during weekends or public holidays. Rent a float Rp. 15,000 to Rp. 25,000.

Melawai Beach in Balikpapan City

Saturday, April 20, 2013
Balikpapan is a city that faces east, overlooking the Strait of Makassar precisely. And of the geographic position facing east, the spot to see the sunset means there may not be. However, the theory is refuted by the position of the little Hammel beaches are small bays making it the best sunset spot in Balikpapan.

Melawai beach coast were still in the city center, not far from the rather complex and Pertamina Balikpapan port and be on the edge of one of the protocols Balikpapan, Sudirman street.

And to enjoy the sunset here is not be confused with the stomach or seating, along the edge of the beach because many small cafes provide snacks and drinks, so the romantic atmosphere to enjoy the moment the sun sets very supportive at all. And to get to this location is very convenient and bypassed public transport, public transportation No. 6 (in blue) with the route to the port.

Melawai beach is a strategic place in Aberdeen to see the sun sinking in the west. Given the geographical conditions of Balikpapan City facing east or the Strait of Makassar, it seems almost impossible to get a good place to see the sunset. However, the assumption was ignored by the presence Hammel Beach which is located in a small bay so lets see the sunset.



Mingle with relatives and friends while enjoying an afternoon at the beach Hammel will be a memorable holiday experience. In this place there are many food vendors who brought the concept Lesbian with sea view. A variety of food sold in this place, ranging from mild to severe food snack. Do not forget you have to try this place special menu, the roasted corn, sekoteng, pinchers and banana served with brown sugar sauce and grated cheese. While enjoying the food, you can see a view of a ship anchorage and unloading at the port, or a ship sailing in the Bay of Balikpapan.

Melawai beach nuance so thick felt when the sun is shining behind the clouds berlahan-land setting. The sound of the waves breaking on the rocks and the sound of passing vehicles, all of which create a contrasting twilight charm yet alluring. Not long ago, will look more beautiful scenery, the twinkling multicolored light scattered at sea. None other than it was light passing ships in the Port Semayang rig and the lights that are on the high seas Balikpapan. In addition, it is also evident that secrete oil chimney landscape flare gass.
Increasingly night atmosphere around the deserted beach instead Hammel, but increasingly crowded. Regular visitors thronged the area until 24.00 pm. Food vendors were more and more. Therefore, Hammel Beach into a culinary center Balikpapan in the evenings as well as the central gathering young children.

Not so far from Hammel Beach there is a small island known as the Island Tukung which is often also referred to by the name of Pig Island. At first glance the island is similar to the Tanah Lot Bali. If low tide, you can walk to the enchanting little island of. On the island there is a lot of marine life Tukung trapped behind the reef. There are also crab racing into the gap if there are people coming. For small children it becomes its own landscape are encouraging. However, if the sea water was high tide, you will not be able to walk to the island.


Hammel is located on the coast between Port and Coastal Semayang Banua Patra, precisely at the edge of Jalan Sudirman, Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Access
Access to the beach is fairly easy Hammel. This is because Hammel Beach is located not so far from the complex Pertamina. From downtown Balikpapan, Hammel Beach is only about 3 km. To visit this beach you can use a private vehicle or public transportation. If you are using umun vehicle, you can use public transportation number 6 (in blue) from the center of Balikpapan.

 Ticket Prices

Hammel Beach to enjoy the charm, you do not need to pay a dime to pay admission. This is because Hammel Beach is located on the edge of the main street of Balikpapan, so that all vehicles can pass through these roads and see the beauty of the Melawai beach.

 Accommodation and Other Facilities

Existing facilities in the vicinity of Melawai beach is complete. Starting from the hotel, restaurant, karaoke, sports arena (Freedom Square), banks, hospitals, and various other supporting facilities are all available. If you've had a good atmosphere of the beach, just a 5 minute drive will take you to the city center and can enjoy the glitter of Balikpapan.

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